Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leaving Nazca

Our friends, the Alarcons, have helped us get ready to go.

This is the first rain we have seen in a year and a half.

Rain and fog, the people said the heavens are crying because we are leaving.

We've tried to bloom where we were planted, like our garden.

Cruz Del Sur....Adios

Youth Olympics

Last walk thru town

High Tech - cement goes up by pulleys manned by hand usually or carried up.

We were tempted for one last taste 

Nazca's Hess Lumber Yard

But no home deliveries

Besides mats, adobe and brick, pre-fab houses are now available.

The neighborhood gang

The taxi drivers push their cars up the line to save gas as they wait for their turn.  

More of our friends

Fiorela y Marley

The big dog got locked in the churchyard once and couldn't get out.  The black dog is fit thru the bars and brought his friend food.

Lin y Liz




Familia Campana

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Forever Friends

Pilar y su nieta

Rosa Rojas

Another Rosa

And another Rosa

Jose Quispe

Jose Ignacio y Julio

Familia Cordova

Hermanos Vargas, Campana y Cabana


Hermana Fortunada


Familia Tarqui

President Alarcon y Jose Manual

Christofer, Marisol y Maria

Hermana Fernandinana, Fiorela y Hermana Cruces Flores